Presenting Binders are committed to offering environmentally friendly products to our customers wherever possible. Waste and off cuts of materials created during manufacturing are sent off for recycling.
Polypropylene is a very environmentally friendly material. It is made up from carbon and hydrogen and is manufactured without any dangerous emissions. Polypropylene can be recycled, incinerated or disposed of in landfill sites without any harm to the environment. It does not give off chlorine when burnt like some other plastics. It gives off only water vapour and carbon dioxide which is then converted by photosynthesis (chlorophyll). The polypropylene used to produce our ring binder, folder and box products is recyclable and production reaches the manufacturing requirements of the Environment Commission.
We also offer recycled PVC and card along with a wide range of recyclable presentation products.
Please do not hesitate to call our Sales Office to discuss our Environmentally Friendly Products on 01793 512600.